The Team/Ch. Seadream's Mountain Spirit WD - Denali

Ch. Seadream's Mountain Spirit WD
Denali (M) - JUL 25, 2002 OFA & CERF

Denali on Paw Village

Denali was our atypical introduction to the Siberian Husky. While Siberians have a reputation for being mischievious, Denali came to me from Seadream Kennels seemingly fully trained at just 10 weeks old. Denali and I started our dog show carrers together as rookies and took our time to learn the rules of the ring. While working toward his championship, Denali placed in group and was also awarded best puppy in group.

During the summer “Denny” enjoys sitting on the bench in the back yard overseeing the activities of the Tanaray dachshund pack. When the snow starts to fly, Denali is ready to hit the trails in any position on the team. See Denali's daughter, Spryte.

Denali, recently turned veteran. Denali taking Group 4th Denali and Norman Waiting on the Line Making Snow Prints